Inside Reporting Ch. 3 Reflection

The amount of times a paper is edited and rewritten is remarkable. I have trouble getting myself to read over my paper more than once, let alone the amount of times Beethoven struggled over rewriting and perfecting his music. Even some of the most talented writers and editors in the world will look over their work time and time again before its audience even gets to see it.

It was interesting to see that editors do a lot more then simply edit. Assigning the story, planning an angle, estimating the scope, packaging stories, adding more detail, fine tuning, copy editing, regular editing, and just being a nag are only some of the many jobs an editor holds. The editor is the gatekeeper of what goes in and out of the written material. Who writes what and how they write it actually gives them the power to provide their readers on what they think is news and what opinions they think people need to hear. Editors have more power than I ever thought before.

It was also interesting to read how certain words and different styles of writing are interchangeable. A reporter can sometimes choose to use numbers or to simply write out the numbers themselves. Deciding to use certain punctuation and word usage is also completely up to the writer and does not necessarily have a right or wrong answer. As a journalist there are so many different guidelines and styles you have to worry about, so reading that there is some wiggle room in some situations is very fascinating.



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