Inside Reporting Ch. 2 Reflection

It was interesting to read about how much work goes into a newspaper. The amount of time spent on deciding what is the best story for the front page proves the amount of effort that goes into satisfying their audience.  Taking the amount of time to decide what is news vs. what is not and struggling to find the perfect story is impressive.

It is too bad that fewer people read newspapers today. Technology has advanced to the point where the audience now expects breaking news read to them seconds after the news occurred. Newspapers use online websites to keep readers up to date but that doesn’t sell a lot of subscriptions and the advertising only makes so much money.

There are so many people involved in the process of making a paper. If the newspapers all fail, many editors, managers, news teams and journalists will be out of a job. Hopefully a new innovative way to attach the audience to newspapers will become popular or else the newspapers are doomed along with the hundreds of thousands of employees.  Journalists and newspaper publishers have taken advantage of innovations since the muck racking at the turn of the century. Hopefully, there successful history will continue and print news will continue to be supplied to all of us.



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