Inside Reporting Ch. 10 Reflection

It was interesting to learn the intricacies of the public relations business. The way that people have done things and have learned to do things for so many years has turned it into a formula. There are certain things all PR firms know to do and they all do it a similar way. I am sure that most PR firms have different styles and techniques but the basic concept remains the same. Media kits, spin doctors , press releases. All of the “do’s and don’ts” of the media manipulation process is fascinating. There are structured steps to every plan as every move a PR professional makes can lead to the greatest of successes and the biggest of failures.

This chapter proved to me that while some jobs in PR would be a perfect fit for me, the world of PR as a whole is not my cup of tea. A life out of manipulation seems a little extreme and there is no hiding the fact that this is exactly what the job entails. PR is an enormously pressure filled, and important job, because the livelihood of some of the most important people and powerful companies rests in your hands. Ignore some steps, or don’t spin things to benefit your client and you could end up fired before any damage is done.  I never appreciated the amount of pressure these men and women are under but I could only imagine that even at the smallest of levels it is one of the more difficult jobs.



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