Inside Reporting Ch. 1 Reflection

It is interesting to see the evolution of journalism over the course of United States history. The early beginning of investigative journalism is nothing like the journalism we know today. The men and women, who opened doors for the likes of journalists ranging from Judith Miller to Anderson Cooper, were the gritty muckrakers. The first individuals to really find out the truth about American politics, and question the laws within different industries and corporations.

The feats of the early muckrakers should be held responsible for the innovative and progressive world we live in today. What would the world be like if there was no up to the minute style of reporting? It is hard to imagine a world without the public questioning the government, or without pictures of drunken celebrity meltdowns reaching the Internet in seconds. These individuals so many years ago were pioneers not only in their industry, but helped shape the world as we know it today.

It was also interesting to see how well the journalism industry transitioned between eras. I couldn’t help but realize that journalists always embrace technology. The entire industry will seemingly shift to a new innovation over night. Technology like the steam powered printing press, has evolved into the smallest laptops and mobile devices. Newspapers may not even be a reality in a few years because everyone gets their news on the internet or on television. Despite some experts fears, I believe that journalists will find new innovate technologies or ideas that will keep the public interested in written news articles.




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