My Music

Raffi, my childhood hero.

Ever since I was born in 1992, the music industry has seen an extreme amount of change.  Since my birth music has been put onto a little device known as the Internet, forever changing the landscape of the music industry.  Much of music has been made free to anyone who looks hard enough, and it is not very difficult to find complete discographies available to the average teen. ITunes and apple products have grown considerably and now dominate the “music player” market. The large majorities of my colleagues have bought into the Internet music craze, and have downloaded enormous portions of music illegally. They have done so to the point where they are sometimes fined by both their particular Universities as well as the music corporations they have slighted. I managed to concentrate my music appreciation in the form of bulk iTunes downloads at the hands of my parent’s very own credit cards. I have spoiled myself with my parent’s brilliant ability to create a sufficient enough income to uphold my musical tastes needs.


My favorite musicians and artists have evolved, as I have grown older.  What began as Raffi turned into Lupe Fiasco.  My iTunes owns music from across the musical landscape. All of my favorite artists can be found on my fourth IPod. My forth is a silver IPod classic, capable of holding up to 60 gigabits of music and video files.  My IPod is a real jump from the old Sony Walkman that I used to lug around with me in middle school. On my iPod you will find various musical genres. I pride myself in having quite the spectrum of music. My favorite types of genres have spanned from alternative rock to house techno.  All in all, these MP3 files have provided me with an escape from my day-to-day life that I need.

My music is my medicine and by the end of the day I need a dosage.  The stresses of my every day life could have leaved me with a prescription for “Zanex” when instead I avoid it all with a “Gaslight Anthem” CD and maybe a couple of Kid Cudi’s finest material.  I could not even imagine a long car ride without my IPod by my side. It is as crucial to me as any other item in my drawer’s repertoire.



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  1. Posted by Nicole Triche on December 4, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    I’m not sure how the We Are the Internet video fits in with your music blog, but it was entertaining.


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