Babylon A.D. Movie Review

Babylon A.D. is the story of a mercenary named Toorop,  (Vin Diesel) as he risks his life on a job to smuggle a young woman named Aurora (Melanie Thierry) with her guardian Sister Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh) from a covenant in Russia to New York City. Toorop is hired to smuggle the young women for Russian mobster Gorsky. (Gerard Depardieu) What begins as a quick smuggling job quickly turns into much more. Toorop has to struggle through horrible slums overrun with terrorist organizations as he battles his instinct and attempts to understand the complexity of this mission.  This is not an ordinary smuggling job, and Aurora is not an ordinary person.

Babylon A.D.  Suffers from a horrible story line. The audience is never given the opportunity to understand Toorop as a protagonist. It is hard to connect with Toorop’s bold and intense character. The beginning of the movie, I devoted my attention and feelings to Aurora’s character. The questions surrounding her background at the beginning of the story caught my attention, however toward the end of the movie those questions are abruptly answered and my interest was lost.

A still from the opening scene

The one thing that was on my mind throughout the movie was the purpose of Sister Rebeka to the movie. Sister Rebekas soul purpose was to help the audience appreciate the confusion and magnitude of the situation involving Aurora. Throughout the movie the only thing that Sister Rebeka makes sure we appreciate is her bizarrely unstoppable fighting skills. Once Aurora’s story is discovered, Sister Rebeka is rendered useless and is eventually killed by gunfire. Her death sparked my fascination with how pointless her character was.  Although throughout the movie she seemingly tried to get Toorop to better understand Aurora, it seemed she never really knew what was going on as well.

This post apocalyptic action movie failed to make any sense at all. The characters never caught my attention. Despite the interesting idea of conflict between organizations that would most likely garner a lot of power given the destruction of society, and the brilliance of director Mathieu Kassovitz, this movie never gave me reason to care. Perhaps Mr. Kassovitz could have had the entire decimated world go up in flames. It would be doing the audience a huge favor. Just as many questions would be left unanswered and just as many characters would never really develop. This alternate ending would at least be saving the audience a hour and forty minutes of their time.

The trailer makes you want to find out what happens next, it’s too bad the movie doesn’t really answer that question.


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