Advertisements Everywhere

Favorite political TV ad:

Mike Gravel was the senator of Alaska from 1969 to 1981 and was a candidate running in the 2008 presidential election. His ad struck me as odd because of how honest and powerful it was. I had never heard of Mike Gravel before I began researching political ads. It turns out that this ad, along with some interesting debate appearances, gave Mike Gravel a strong Internet following. However, he never caught any traction in his political races and never did well in the national polls since his last term in the senate.

His style of ads are so effective because of how brutally honest he is. He states exactly what a voter wants to here and says it with a touch of comedy. This kind of ad makes a voter feel like he is human, and that he is on our level. Ads are commonly for one politician attacking his or her opponent for some nonsense bill that they passed over the course of there career, or some over dramatic statements about their opponent “ruining lives” as governor.  Mike Gravel took a different path. His path included honesty, and the willingness to help change they very flaws that plague our political system. Mike Gravel proved to me that he was ready to make serious change to help fight the things that ruin our political system. Although his ads really moved me, most did not see Mike Gravel fit to run The United States, so ads are clearly not the only thing one must do well to become the president.

Favorite Service print Ad

This Ad by the World Wildlife Fund is perfect. There are so many things one could see on the Internet so advertisements need to be able to catch your eye. Deforestation is capable of providing brilliant imagery; all the advertisement needs to do is provide a message.  This mixes the two perfectly. The man flying through the dark sky catches your eye.  Once the ad has your attention the ad is simple enough to figure out. The person swinging from the tree is a common form of entertainment when a person finds him or herself in a forest.  The same trees people may swing from are also providing a habitat for many animals within the forests ecosystem. This ad quickly and effectively shows that deforestation is killing animals and ruining their habitat. The World Wildlife Fund has an excellent ad team that gets their message out in an extremely efficient manner through the internet.

Favorite commercial print ad

I find this add extremely effective. It puts together two of my favorite concepts in advertisement. Brilliant imagery mixed with comedy. This soft sell ad makes me want to buy the product. I do not care to know weather the product will actually cancel out the sound of a waterfall but a I get the point. A man on a boat headed right toward a waterfall but does not have a clue due to his Bose Sound Canceling Headphones. This ad works particularly well because people already know Bose as a company that produces good headphones so the ad can be funny, and people will understand it because they are headphones that they are already aware of.

This ad effectively draws in people of all age groups who enjoy a good laugh and could be effective for people reading any kind of niche magazine. This is the kind of ad that would stand out above all of the other magazine ads. It does its jobs in multiple facets. It draws in all age groups and is an unisex ad. Anyone who enjoys cool pictures would find it interesting and most people with a good sense of humor would probably get a good laugh out of it.


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