Chaos Theory


The Internet has blown up the term multitask and has turned me into a person with little regard for myself. The only thing that resonates in my tiny little mind is the idea that I want it all, and I want it now. My concentration may be on five million different Internet windows, all with little purpose. I could look at pictures of my last vacation, watch the Giants game, play Tetris and do my homework all at the same time. Each small part of this entire process seems to need my attention when instead I can do all four of those tasks and blast music all at the same time. I do not have super powers; this is just what the Internet does to a person like me in the world everyone like me has grown up in.

When someone reads a book, they gain the knowledge. They understand what has been presented to them. With the Internet, I can read 30 articles in a single day. All of that information is only retained long enough for me to copy the URL of an article I really like, to email to my friend in New Jersey. I may have skimmed through the article but the video at the top was interesting enough to send to my buddy.

The Internet has turned me into someone who needs instant gratification.  Who needs a dictionary when I can type a word on Google, who needs to buy an album when I can get it all for free with the simple click of my mouse, and who needs a directory when I can all of your information on a little creepy site called Facebook. The site Facebook is actually incredibly creepy but also efficient. It has become the social norm to have a Facebook. It has garnered such attention because all of the kids who need that instant gratification can get it almost immediately with the site. It brings instant gratification to your social life. Who is dating who, what do your friends like, what are people saying, all of these things are published. Instant gratification is achieved.



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