During a typical day at Elon University I spend a lot of time surrounded by media. Whenever I am back at my dorm room my laptop is on, the TV is usually on, and there is always music playing loud and clear.

Today between the hours of 4:30 and 9:30 in the evening I spent three hours submerged in media. From 4:30 until around 5:45 in the late afternoon I did my homework, and since I am such a multitalented individual, I managed to complete several other tasks at the same time. I managed to listen to an entire Wiz Khalifa mixtape, watch several reruns of Sportscenter, and watch Youtube videos of Kittens arguing with funny subtitles. By the time I had finished my homework, I estimate I spent two hours studying science and reading books for global, however I spent three hours studying my facebook and reading articles on


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